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The Journal of Honoré Bernard of 1893, translated into English by Floyd Weber.

The Journal of Honoré Bernard 1893

  • The Journal Of Honore Bernard was completed in 1893. Honore Bernard was the educator of the Louis Ancelet children and was an incessant writer. He wrote in composition books on many subjects jotting notes on the events of the day. In time, all of his writings were lost or destroyed except this one journal.

    At the time of the death of Louis Ancelet in 1930, this journal was placed on the top of a burn barrel at the Ancelet farm located about one mile west of Ossun, Louisiana. The journal was recovered by Ansbe Ancelet, the son of Louis. The journal was passed on from Ansbe Ancelet to his son, Dr. Leroy Ancelet, a professor at South Eastern University in Hammond, Louisiana. Prior to Dr. Leroy Ancelet's death, he granted permission to Floyd Weber to translate and publish the journal in the English language. The original composition remains in the possession of Dr. Leroy Ancelet's widow. Translation was exceedingly difficult because of the age and condition of the manuscript. The brittle nature of the paper, faint impressions and aging of the material all added to the problem of deciphering the text. The style of Honore Bernard's handwriting presented additional concerns for the translator and led to countless hours of meticulous examination under magnification.

    The work was completed and the journal survived to be used by interested researchers of the period. 

  • Translated into English by Floyd Weber

    Wise Publications

    Page Count: 115

    8.5x11 Hardcover

    Published in 1992

    Library of Congress: TXU 522 644

    ISBN: 978-1-68593-024-0

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