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In late 2018 a group of Franz and Elizabeth (Henke) Grafe descendants met in Hallettsville, Texas at the home of Julius and Rosemary (Grafe) Sedlar. The group was made up of representatives of each of the 8 families descended from Franz and Elizabeth. The group met to discuss a plan for updating the Grafe family tree. The Grafe family tree was originally prepared by Dorothy (Grafe) Bujnoch in 1977. The family tree was beautifully hand-printed on plastic film measuring approximately 4 feet high and 9 feet long. Dorothy adorned the family tree with photos, various documents, and additional information on related ancestors. She used information passed on by her father, Victor Grafe, and from her own research. This research included information gathered from the archives of St. Nicholas church in Ankum, Germany where Franz and Elizabeth were both baptized.


And now, here we have the Genealogical History of the Grafe Family. This book and the family charts created for the 2022 Grafe reunion are dedicated to Dorothy (Grafe) Bujnoch. It is through her tireless work over the years that this book and the family charts are made possible. We all, writer and reader, owe a debt of gratitude to Dorothy for the incredible wealth of information which has been researched, organized and made available to the whole Grafe progeny.

The Genealogical History of the Grafe Family: 1785-2022

  • ISBN: 978-1-68593-070-7

    467 Pages



    Wise Publications

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