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Joe Mathews Jr.

Tea Kettle Ink Price & Reference Guide

  • Tea Kettle Ink Price and Reference Guide is the most inclusive and extensive resource written to date on these types of ink bottles. Tea Kettle Ink collectors and most knowledgeable glass auction houses date tea kettle inks back to the 1830s. The last known patent was in 1880 which was the HF&Co. double pen rest. The rarity of these glass bottles is astounding, with the most rare only have 2 known.

    The prices stated in this book, by each mold, indicates past sale prices should serve only as a guide when purchasing and selling.

  • Joe Mathews Jr.

    Wise Publications

    61 Pages 8.5x11 Hardcover

    Color Photographs

    Published in 2016

    ISBN: 1-934060-59-9

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