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Fielding Lewis

Tales of a Louisiana Duck Hunter

  • This collection of short stories-all personal experiences of the author-details the differences in hunting in Louisiana as opposed to other states. One can gain insight into the state, its wildlife, its different ways of duck hunting, and its landscape. There are humorous accounts of hunting dogs, character studies of hunters and woodsmen, and examples of good duck hunting. Find out the difference between a marsh and a swamp-there is one. Relive the sighting of the ivory-billed woodpecker, thought to be extinct. Most sportsmen will find that the various chapters provide them with pertinent information for the enjoyment of this outdoor sport. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Fielding Lewis's love of hunting began at the age of six when his grandmother gave him his first BB gun. He spent much of his teen years hunting and observing wildlife and nature with his father. After marrying and returning from the air force, he worked as a mill lumber inspector and plant operator. He purchased a lumberyard that he operated for thirteen years. After selling the lumberyard, he became the editor of a small weekly newspaper in Franklin, Louisiana. His ability to express himself in the written word blossomed into this, his first book, a result of ten years of note- taking.

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