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St. Tammany answered the call during the Civil War. Over 400 men came from all areas of St. Tammany, with the most coming from the Covington area. Some bore surname which are still familiar in the area today such as Goodbee, Mandeville and Slidell. Their given names often represented their families patriotic pride in the United States such as George Washington Mason, and Martin Van Buren Huges of St Tammany. There were several who were apparently from Methodist families, being named after James Wesley. These young men, a mix of Creoles and Americans, came from a variety of backgrounds. Some were from wealthy plantains on the North Shore Others came from small farming families. Others had migrated from Ireland or France and were barely settled in a new land when they got caught up in the cause. Several military companies were formed in the parish. One which was known for its action at Port Hudson was Miles Legion, commanded by Colonel William R. Miles. Other companies which came out of the parish were the St. Tammany Grays, commanded by Captain C. Crosby; the St. Tammany Artillery, under Captain J. A. Turner; and the Mandeville Rifles, commanded by Captain Charles Morgan. Another company which included St. Tammany Parish men was Hardy H. Richardson's company, which was organized by Captain Richardson in Washington Parish in June 1861. At the beginning of the war the St. Tammany Regiment of the Louisiana Militia was formed as a local guard. Another company stationed in Covington was Captain M. G. Mullins' Company of Scouts and Sharpshooters. With the men off at war, their families were left without support, and the Police jury had to assume that burden. An appropriation of $20,000 for the purpose of furnishing this support was made in early 1862, which subjected the parish treasury to unaccustomed strain. Parish script was printed by the police jury for payment to the families. One section features Civil War Faces of St. Tammany. The list of illustrations include: ALEXANDER, John T. Native of St. Tammany, 25th LA Infantry ALLAIN, Fausten Alcee, Covington, Ogden's Cavalry ARTHUR BANKSTON, George Washington, LA Supt. of Ed, 9th Battalion BENNETT, George Washington, 18th Cavalry BIVENS, Thomas, 17th Infantry BURNS, Milton - Miles legion BYRNE, John Lawrence, Native of Ireland, Watkins Battalion COLE, Lawrence, 1st Missouri Militia COOPER, Lawrence Martin, Mile's Legion CRAWFORD, Starling Dixon, Pvt., 3rd Louisiana Cavalry DeBRADY, Jules Edward, New Orleans Militia ELLIS, Ezekiel John, Capt., Congressman FAIRBURN, Jeremiah, 7th Black Horse Virginia Cavalry FLUERY, Florian, 1st Orleans Guard FLOTTE, Alexander, Orleans Guard FUSSELL, James Flernoy, Miles Legion GAMATIS, Henri Michel, Pvt., Donaldsonville Artillery GASSIOTT, Nicholas R., 20th Texas Infantry GOODBEE, David, Miles Legion HUGHS, Martin Van Buren, 20th Louisiana Infantry JENKINS, Tarpley, Pvt., 4th Louisiana Infantry Battalion JOINER, John C., Miles' Legion KLYE, John Wesley, Native of St. Tammany, moved to Texas MANDEVILLE, Antoine, Col, 10th LA Infantry MASON, George Washington, 1st Mississippi Artillery MOORMAN, George, Lt. Col, moved to Mandeville after war PARRISH, Theodore H., 12th Texas Infantry PATTERSON, Robert Townsend, Chalmette Regiment PIERCE, Howard Amaza, Yankee who moved to St. Tammany POITEVENT, John, Ship captain during the war PROVOST, Frank, Miles' Legion SCOTT, Matthew J., Miles' Legion SLIDELL, John Confederte Diplomat TOLAR, James Washington, 7th Mississippi Volunteers WEST, Hardin, Miles Legion WILLIAMS, Martin Gordon, Captain, 9th Infantry

St. Tammany's Confederates: & Civil War soldiers with ties to St Tammany Parish

  • Born and raised in Texas to a French Creole father and a Louisiana Anglo-Saxon mother, he has spent his adult life in his father's native Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana. Authoring his first book at age 18, he has an intense interest in regional history and recording the undocumented history and descendants of of the forgotten French Creole first settlers of Louisiana.
    He has been in the small newspaper industry his entire career, including publishing the Avoyelles Journal which he founded at age 23. The Journal remains one of the largest free circulation newspapers in the state of Louisiana. A graduate of LSU in journalism, he and his wife Susan have three children and four grandchildren. They enjoy life along the bayous and rivers of Louisiana.

  • ISBN: 1496157648
    6 x 9 Paperback
    156 Pages
    Published: March 07, 2014

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