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Kat Pigott, Author

Mason Sibley, Illustrator

Rougarou Stew


    It's a dark and spooky night down in the Louisiana swamps and the Rougarou is out on the prowl, ready for a meal and to let out a howl! Who is the Rougarou, you ask? I'll tell you the story; I'm up to the task. He's a scary monster with glowing red eyes. Be careful or he'll sneak up and catch you by surprise! Can you nab him and turn him into Rougarou Stew? Hurry, do it quickly, or he'll make a stew out of you! If you're wondering what Rougarou Stew is, you'll have to read and find out. All the answers are in this book, have no doubt! Beware the Rougarou in the swamps at night. He'll try to trick you and give you a fright. Learn from the kids in the story, and if you see the Rougarou, don't you worry!

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