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Eve Abrams, Author

Shannon Brinkman, Photographer

Preservation Hall

  • Preservation Hall, located in the French Quarter just three blocks from the Mississippi River, remains an icon of New Orleans and an essential stop for all fans of traditional jazz. Since the early 1960s "The Hall" has served as a sanctuary for the Crescent City's rich and illustrious jazz heritage, a haven for players, and an incubator for successive generations of jazz musicians. In their rare behind-the-scenes portrait, New Orleans photographer Shannon Brinkman and audio documentarian Eve Abrams capture the rhythm and cool of this historic club with both a pulsating array of images and the heartfelt words of band members. The book also contains an introduction about the Hall's 50-year history in the words of Ben Jaffe, the Hall's Creative Director, and the son of Sandra and Allan Jaffe, who started the Hall in 1961, as well as a foreword by Tom Sancton, clarinetist and author.

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