From the bustling city life to the dark and eerie swamps, there's a certain mystique that is uniquely Louisiana. As with any area enriched with mystery and intrigue, tales of haunted history are always abound. Louisiana is definitely not the exception, as it claims to be one of the most haunted states in the country. Paranormal enthusiasts from all around flock to Louisiana, as the hobby rapidly flourishes. Unfortunately, with an increase in groups, there lies an extremely diverse array of personalities, waiting to clash. Such a popular field is often portrayed on television as being constantly exciting and carefree, which isn't always the case. Paranormal Uncensored is a raw, yet informative, look at Louisiana ghost hunting, and is perfect for anyone curious about the people who chase the unknown. For those just getting started in the hobby, Paranormal Uncensored gives an in-depth look into the paranormal, detailing the basics of ghost-hunting, such as equipment used, and to provide an explanation for the most common false results often obtained. For the seasoned investigators, true ghost stories and information on some of Louisiana's most infamously haunted locations are given. Finally, Brad then entertains the readers by telling some of the humorous stories about the community of ghost-enthusiasts. With the interest in the paranormal at an all time high, this book is sure to entertain a wide range of readers!

Paranormal Uncensored: A Raw Look at Louisiana Ghost Hunting

  • Louisiana naitve, Brad Duplechien is a husband, father, college graduate, correctional officer, and paranormal investigator. Founder of Louisiana Spirits Paranormal Investigations, the state's most reputable group, Brad applies his ten years in law enforcement to obtain his colorful and skeptical approach to the field.