After following God his entire life, Jacob Hardwick's life is turned upside down.

Of Friends and Family

  • As a teenager, Jacob Hardwick dedicated his life to the Lord and the Call of the Ministry. Following that call, he spoke at churches, youth meetings, taught Sunday School, worked with his pastor and youth minister.  But shortly before he graduated from high school, his life is turned upside down and he leaves the church, his calling, and his friends behind to seek success and wealth.  
    Many years later, a chance encounter with a beloved minister brings him back into the fold and the ministry, much to the displeasure of his socialite wife and spoiled adult children.
    A trip back home reunites him with an old friend, Rachel Sullivan.  And, later, a meeting with one of his parishioners, a former mobster, tears his life apart and leaves him wondering if he will lose everything, including his ministry.