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Tales of the Supernatural from the Bayou State

Louisiana Ghost Stories

  • Louisiana is a place of legend, especially in the deep, dark bayou. Visit the swamps, and smell the usual combination of decaying vegetation and sluggish water. You might sense another smell, too—one you can’t identify but seems distinct. It could be more of a feeling than an odor. That feeling is fear, and it spreads past the bayou and into the heart of New Orleans.

    Louisiana Ghost Stories is a collection of original tales based on fact mixed with myth. A place of legend, the state is also a place of storytelling, and many of those stories grow like thick vines in the memories of locals and visitors alike. Step into the haunted plantations. Hear about voodoo and gris gris. Examine pirate legends, and follow ghosts into the dark.

    Come face to face with the Cajun werewolf, known as the “loup garou.” Hear of the heinous offenses of infamous serial killer, the Axeman. Learn the horrid history of the LaLaurie mansion, and even stumble upon a tale of Hallow’s Eve. With stories eerie, mysterious, sexy, and colorful, prepare yourself to be scared as legends come to life and haunt the page.

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