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Gardening is now the favorite leisure pastime in America. Homeowners are realizing the health benefits derived from gardening and the increase in their home's property value. This book contains easy-to-use advice on the top landscape plant choices.   It also recommends specific varieties, and provides advice on how to plant, how to grow and how to care for the best plants.

Louisiana Gardener's Guide (Revised Edition)

  • Gill is an Extension horticulturist with the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center. He teaches, lectures and demonstrations and writes articles on gardening. He has bachelor and master degrees in horticulture from Louisiana State University.

    Joe White, author of eleven books -- including "Pure Excitement", which won the Gold Medallion Teen Book of the Year for 1997 -- is a noted speaker on family and teen issues. He is the president of Kanakuk-Kanakomo Kamps, Inc., which hosts 14,000 campers each summer. He has spoken for such noted events as James Dobson's Focus on the Family, Promise Keepers, and Life on the Edge parent and teen conferences. He is the co-host of a national radio show "Life on the Edge Live". He also speaks regularly at NFL football and professional baseball chapels.

  • ISBN: 1930604866
    10 x 7 Paperback
    272 Pages
    Published: October 01, 2002
    Features: Bibliography, Illustrated, Index, Maps

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