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In Lake Charles, a central fact of its history is that at one time there were lumber mills that processed pine and cypress. There is no tangible evidence of that great sawmill industry today- you just have to imagine the mills on the shores and logs floating on the water. This book will help you remember a history that you may have never known

Lost Lake Charles

  • Fires, hurricanes, neglect of Lake Charles physical history. The young town was a magnet for pirates and privateers, like the infamous Jean Lafitte, who conducted business at the mouth of what is today called the Contraband Bayou. Michigan Men, creoles and cowboys made their way to the fledging Louisiana town to start new lives. A great lumber industry shaped the town in the nineteenth century. Streetcars ran routes around the clock seven days a week. Author and historian Adley Cormier delves deep into Lake Charles's pst to uncover a history that has been lost to time and change.

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