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Gary D. Joiner, Ph.D.

Cheryl H. White, Ph.D.

Historic Haunts of Shreveport

  • What makes Shreveport's Oakland Cemetery so spooky might be the mass burial of 715 victims of the 1873 yellow fever epidemic. Another bone-chilling locale is the city's historic Municipal Auditorium, which according to local legends may have briefly served as a morgue under the watch of Dr. Willis P. Butler, perhaps the longest-serving Caddo Parish medical examiner and coroner. Years after his passing, Butler is still seen dutifully working in the courthouse and other public spaces. And over at the beautifully restored Logan Mansion, unexplained mischievous pranks are blamed on the spirits of a young girl whose life was tragically cut short. Historians Gary D. Joiner, Ph.D., and Cheryl H. White, Ph.D., recount the true stories of these and other notable landmarks framed within the intriguing twist of the paranormal.

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