Gulf Coast Colonials. a Compendium of French Families in Early Eighteenth Century Louisiana

Compiled by an authority on Gulf Coast and lower Mississippi Valley genealogy and history, this work contains published vital records--births, baptisms, marriages, and deaths--pertaining to the inhabitants of the French parish of Mobile during the first half of the eighteenth century. The records, which were kept by the parish priest, are arranged here in alphabetical order by family group, usually headed by the father, followed by the spouse and then the children, who are listed in relative order of birth. The surname of each spouse, furthermore, can be found in the index at the back of the volume. Since Mobile was a frontier outpost of the French empire in North America, most of these records pertain to officers and enlisted men who served in Louisiana and Alabama. Other occupations referred to include merchants, clergy, trappers, artisans, small farmers, clerks, and slaves. While almost all of the entries provide the individual's date of birth, marriage, death or baptism, a number of them also furnish the individual's place of birth in Europe, thereby affording the researcher the opportunity to extend his investigations beyond the immigrant ancestor. In all more than 400 households and 1,000 Gulf Coast colonials are identified by Mr. DeVille.

Gulf Coast Colonials. a Compendium of French Families in Early Eighteenth...

  • Winston De Ville is an internationally recognized authority on colonial Mississippi Valley/provincial Louisiana genealogy and history. According to noted scholar P. William Filby, "By far, Winston De Ville is the earliest of Louisiana's prolific genealogical writers. . . . I can think of few genealogical authors with so many works to their names. . . as important to the historian as to the genealogist. . . . quality productivity in so few years is remarkable."