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By the Louisiana Orphan Train Society, Inc.

From Cradle to Grave: Journey of the Louisiana Orphan Train Riders

  • What do three nuns, two mayors, a Baptist preacher, and the founder of a car dealership all have in common? They all rode an orphan train from New York City to Louisiana as small children!

    What is an orphan train? Who determined its passenger list and their ultimate destination? What criteria were used to decide who would get the adventure of a lifetime? Who were these young passengers in this little-known chapter of American and Louisiana history?

    The orphans arrived in early twentieth century Louisiana- a foreign world and culture- unlike anything these children had ever seen. It was a world in which some of these New York City street kids would adapt and even conquer their terrifying fear of chickens. Others became important public figures that were to influence their communities and region.

    How would the shameful stigma of being an orphan affect their lives? Would they overcome the rejection of their past and the obstacles that were set before them? 

    This is a collection of true-life stories shared by those who knew them well. Read and find out how their lives turned out.

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