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Gaspard, Picard, & Laviolette Families

Early Colonial Louisiana Settlements - Gaspard, Picard, & Laviolette

  • The families of Gaspard, Picard, and Laviolette settled in and around the "German Coast of Louisiana" during the eighteenth century and then migrated to the Attakapas District of Louisiana during the 1783 to 1785 time frame.

    The origin of this book begas upon the author's interest in his Gaspard lineage. Don Gaspard learned his ancestors are from the Picardy region of France, also learning that Gaspard is not a French-oriented name.

    Entangled in history, the Gaspard, Picards, and Laviolette ancestors endured yellow fever outbreaks, monopolies on the land bordering what is now the Mississippi River, and much more.

  • Don Gaspard

    Wise Publications

    Page Count: 148


    First Published: 2003


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