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"CAJUN ODYSSEY...From Nova Scotia To Louisiana--With Love" by Beryl Fangue Sauce Stiles, is a historical novel about the author's paternal Acadian-French Theriot ancestors. The author is originally from Berwick/Morgan City, Louisiana. This story follows the path of French-Acadians, who were expelled from Nova Scotia (Acadia) by the English in 1755. The story traces their journey,and their final arrival in south Louisiana in 1763. This is the Second Edition of this book, that was originally completed in 1982. Since then, it has sold out and out of print. But because of popular demand, this story--based on five years of research--is once again available. It is great reading for those, who are interested in their Acadian/Cajun heritage, and for history buffs in general. Based on historical & geographical fact, this novel is entertaining as well as educational.

Cajun Odyssey: From Nova Scotia to Louisiana...With Love

  • A native of Morgan City & Berwick, La., Beryl always wondered about her 1700s French-Acadian ancestors. So, after five years of research & tavel the 1982 First Edition was published. Due to popular demand, after 28 years, this Second Edition is now available. Beryl has been a newspaper columnist in five southern states in four decades and authored five published books. She now lives in the north Georgia foothills. Reach her at

  • ISBN: 1451577044 
    8 x 5 Paperback
    266 Pages
    Published: July 31, 2010

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