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Cajun Delectables cookbook is a festive Celebration of the Cajun Culture and its Amazing Cuisine
· In 200 pages, Cajun Delectables weaves a tasty gumbo of 100 wow-your-mouth, easy to prepare, scrumptious old Cajun recipes together with the colorful lifestyle, history and culture of the Cajun people.
· Learn from a Louisiana native son how the Cajuns got their name, their exile from their Canadian homeland, of their 200 year isolation in SW Louisiana where their delightfully unique mix of English-French evolved, their salty stories, their ability to laugh at themselves, and how they invented this incredible full-flavored food from the woods and waters that was their neighborhood market.
· Learn of Louisiana’s three separate cultural groups, their accents and lifestyles; all about New Orleans and how it is totally different from Cajun.
· Cajun Delectables is a delightful, aesthetic romp through colorful Southwest Louisiana and its unique dining experiences will change your life. Dive in “laissez le bon temps rouler,” the Cajun mantra. Let the good times roll.
· Discover the unique world of Cajun cooking secrets, the essential Holy Trinity of ingredients, how to make a roux – more than anyone ever imagined from a cookbook. You will be enchanted, enriched, a Cajun chef-to-be and totally hooked.

Cajun Delectables

  • ISBN: 9780578939582


    216 pages

    8.5 x 11

    Southway Publishers LLC, 2021

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