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Craig A. Bauer

An Untractable Country: The History of Kenner, Louisiana

  • Primarily known as a suburban community where the New Orleans Armstrong International Airport is located, Kenner, Louisiana, ... has experienced a transition from the primitive native hunting grounds of its first residents to one of Louisiana's largest cities. This three-hundred-year historical metamorphosis falls into several phases or periods, including the early periods of Indian settlement and European exploration when the area was known as Cannes Brãulâees (Burnt Canes). Through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Kenner transformed from the vast sugar plantations to smaller 'truck farms' producing a vast amount of vegetables for both local and national consumption. Kenner's rapid postwar growth into a modern suburban community mirrored that of communities around the country during the postwar period when tens of thousands of war veterans and their new families looked to the suburbs of major cities as sources of new modern housing for their families. Once labeled by the French explorer Iberville as an 'Untractable Country,' Kenner today ranks as Louisiana's sixth-largest city

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