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Past and Present on Louisiana'a Historic Byway

Along the River Road

  • Few thoroughfares offer as rich a history as Louisiana's River Road between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. In this third edition of her extremely popular guide, Along the River Road, Mary Ann Sternberg provides a revised introduction, new images, and updated information on sites and attractions as well as tales and local lore about favorite and overlooked destinations. Featuring background information about the area and a detailed guided tour--upriver on the east bank and downriver along the west--the book gives an overview of the River Road, serving as an accessible and definitive companion to exploring the corridor.


    Sternberg's abiding appreciation of the area's allure--garnered over twenty years of visiting--produces a must-have travel companion to a place that far exceeds its common reputation as only a parade of elegant antebellum mansions. In this new edition, she again encourages travelers to experience the many treasures of this wondrous byway for themselves, seeing how much it has changed over the last decade.


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