Harry Truman Methvin

A Little Bit of Harry

  • A Collection of Recollections on Growing Up in DeQuincy, Louisiana 

    Excerpt from A Little Bit of Harry

    "I reached into my book sack and retrieved the Mother's Day card I had made at school on Friday. I hid it behind my back as I approached Mom who was sitting in the rocker as she read her Sunday School lesson.

    "Close your eyes, Momma."

    "Okay, they're closed."

     Grasping the card with my right hand, I moved to the front. "Okay, you can open your eyes now. "

    "Oh, you made me a card. That's the most beautiful card that I have ever seen."

    "I only had six colors not counting white and yellow." 
    "That's just right; too many colors would make it look crowded and hard to read anyway" 

    "That is a beautiful green rose." 
    "It's not really a rose; the red color was too short to hold on to and kept slipping out of my hand, so I used a green flower instead."



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