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“A Fallen Eagle” is the true story of a young boy from East Texas, who volunteered for service in 1942.  He entered the service with only a high school education and limited experience, other than working on a farm.  His desire to be a pilot drove him to overcome numerous obstacles to be accepted into pilot training.  He persevered through rigorous training to earn his wings.
After receiving his wings, he became a B-24 pilot assigned to the 722nd Squadron of the 450th Bomb Group.  When his unit training was completed, he was assigned to the 15th Air Force, operating out of Italy.  He flew missions over most of Europe and the Balkans.
Through over 75 of his personal letters, he shares his experiences, both emotional and physical, as he went from being a farm boy to being a heavy bomber pilot. He flew in dangerous combat situations, saw the horrors of aerial battle, and ultimately, gave his life in the service of his country.
The human side of the tragedy is told not only in his letters, but by letters of the crew’s next of kin and government correspondence in the aftermath. The final chapter describes the detailed government process to recover, make positive identification, and return his remains to the states.

A Fallen Eagle

  • ISBN: 9781952005619
    6x9 Paperback
    216 Pages
    Published: 2009
    Features: Photos, Letters, Bibliography

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